Tax interpretations


The reasons for needing an individual tax interpretation are at least three:

  • the ability to clarify important tax issues unequivocally in view of the almost absurd complexity of Polish legislation,
  • tax protection for activities of significant financial value,
  • the possibility of obtaining a security instrument against a change in the position of the tax authorities in a particular case.

Our experience in drafting proposals indicates that obtaining a positive interpretation requires:

  1. collecting detailed information on the project for which the interpretation is sought,
  2. a fair presentation of the facts or future event which is the subject of the request, with due regard to general and specific information,
  3. providing an in-depth analysis of the tax legislation to support a favourable position,
  4. proper cooperation with the National Tax Information when additional questions arise from it,
  5. the meticulous completion of the formalities required for a successful application for an interpretation.ormation for the client on the essence of the decision.
It should be emphasised that an individual tax interpretation provides the protection provided by the Tax Ordinance only if the facts presented in the application for its issuance are identical to the actual actions taken by the entrepreneur.

We provide comprehensive support for tax interpretation requests, i.e. representation of the entrepreneur in the process of applying for an interpretation, payment of required fees, drafting of the content of the application in agreement with the entrepreneur, submission of the application in electronic form (which speeds up the process of issuing the interpretation), cooperation with the tax authorities, receipt of the interpretation and preparation of inf