Company sales and acquisitions (M&A)


For a variety of reasons, there may come a time when the sale of the company is the optimal solution - both for the further development of the company and for its owner(s). The object of the transaction is often a lifetime achievement, so from the owners' perspective it is important both to obtain the best price and to find a suitable buyer.

Our support in this area includes, in particular:

  1. carrying out an analysis and determining the optimal form and structure of the transaction,
  2. identifying the most tax-advantaged transaction structure,
  3. restructuring of the company (e.g. company transformation or division) to the extent necessary for the implementation of the sale transaction,
  4. developing a timetable for the sales process and possible restructuring,
  5. organisation and supervision of the due diligence process (examination of the Company by a potential buyer),
  6. advice on negotiating the terms of sale,
  7. legal and tax support for closing of the transaction.