Optimal legal form

The creation of a business entity is, on the surface, a straightforward activity. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The choice of legal form and the steps taken at the incorporation stage have a direct bearing on the future of the company and its owners in such areas as liability for the company's obligations, the manner in which the company and its owners are taxed, the relationship between the entity's bodies and its owners, the organisational structure of the entity, the safeguarding of present and future assets, and ensuring the certainty and continuity of the company's operation, especially in emergencies.

In this respect, we primarily offer:

  1. support in the choice of legal form and the development of an organisational structure tailored to the business plan;
  2. preparation of corporate documents;
  3. carrying out the process of entity formation.

Cooperation with entrepreneurs has allowed us to gain experience in more complex investment projects: we have often formed consortia and holding companies, as well as joint - ventures. Due to the increasing social involvement of business, we also offer the creation of associations and foundations.